Summer yoga fun is back this year with Holiday Yoga, in person, at The Moore Street Yoga Room, Austinmer. From December 26 to January 8 there will be engaging and varied classes EVERYDAY at 7:30am and 9:30am (that includes Sundays and public holidays!). You can make it a summer yoga intensive … or just dip your toe in from time to time.

Places are limited, so best to book, but walk ups are also welcome if space allows. Please bring your own yoga mat. Instructions are graduated to be suitable for all levels, including beginners or those returning from to yoga after a break. More details of my summer schedule and Holiday Yoga below.

Summer schedule:

Classes will continue as normal, both in-person and online, up until the 10am class on Monday, December 18.

No classes from December 19 – 25.

Holiday Yoga will begin on Boxing Day and continue until January 8:

  • 7:30am – 9:00am daily, a led-class: Johnny will lead the group through a new sequence everyday, giving appropriate demonstration and instructions but also allowing space for individual exploration;
  • 9:30am – 11:00am daily, a general class: this will be a fun, relaxed and varied class, with just enough challenge … and celebrating the holiday mood.

The Moore Street Yoga Room is super comfortable and well ventilated. Also, Johnny will ensure that the day’s practice is appropriate to the weather.

Keep in mind: the New Years Day classes are traditionally very popular, so best to book: “Start the year as you plan to continue!”

Recorded classes will be available during the Holiday Yoga period for those unable to attend the studio. More details to come …

From January 9, 2024 we’re back to the usual timetable.

Email Johnny if you have any questions

Follow this link for booking