Yoga is by it’s nature a long-form discipline. It doesn’t sit easily with our contemporary mores of convenience, quick fixes and stressfully tight schedules. Rather, it’s an antidote to all that, which is why it’s so nourishing. A student said to me the other day “it’s so good to be back in class … I’ve been wanting to but I can’t … I can if I make the time.”

That’s the key: make the time!

When I started going to classes they were always two hours long. Beginner’s classes were often shorter because at first you just touch the surface. To develop, to deepen, takes time on the mat. The understanding is felt before it is conceptualised – this takes time on the mat. To experience yoga’s transformative and restorative potential, to remove entrenched obstacles on any plain of our being, takes time on the mat. It’s beyond worth it.

Take the time, make the time!