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  • Casual Class: $23- or $20- conc.
  • Intro 10 Class Pack: $110- Available at your 1st or 2nd Class. Includes 10 classes within 10 weeks.
  • Bonus Class Pack: $160- ($140- Conc.); Pay for 7 classes upfront, receive 3 free classes if all 10 are used within 10 weeks (7 classes expire after 6 months).
  • Concession (conc.) available to full-time students, full pensioners and unemployed.
  • Private Class : Price on application.
  • Payments can be made with cash in class, or by Electronic Funds Transfer by arrangement.


Johnny’s classes are suitable for people of all ages and physical capabilities, you don’t need to be fit or flexible to begin. In class you will be guided at a level appropriate to your experience.

What To Wear: Clothes should be comfortable and non-restrictive, for example, mid length shorts or leggings and a tee-shirt. In cooler weather have a warmer layer you can take off. Yoga is done in bare feet.

Please don’t wear strong perfumes to class. Mild deodorants are ok.

Empty Stomach: It is best to practice on an empty stomach so please don’t eat a meal less than two hours before class. You can have a light snack up to half an hour before class if you need to. Also, drink water before and after the class but avoid drinking during. If you have to, just have a sip.

Equipment: Mats, blankets and other equipment is supplied in all classes, but by all means bring your own mat if you wish.

Injuries and Health Conditions: Those new to Johnny’s classes will be asked if they have any injuries or health conditions that might affect their yoga practice. As you continue attending classes, please let Johnny know about any new developments. Also, please talk to Johnny if you have any concerns arising from the class.

Iyengar Yoga works on strength, mobility and balance, and so, like in any form of physical activity, physical injuries are possible, for example, muscle strain, or injury from a fall. However, yoga also teaches mindfulness in action, so participants learn how to work without undue force and with principals of alignment, making Iyengar Yoga a very safe form of physical activity.

If you feel unable to participate in a general class due to an injury or chronic condition, private remedial sessions are available which aim to equip you to eventually join general classes. Also the Restorative / Remedial Class, on Wednesdays at noon during school terms, may be an option. Call Johnny to inquire: 0415 344 722

Pregnancy: Pregnant women are welcome in class if they are experienced in yoga or if they have been attending Johnny’s classes before becoming pregnant. If you are pregnant and want to start yoga for the first time please talk to Johnny before attending class Ph: 0415 344 722.