CosmosBeing a yoga student is a much more demanding art than being a yoga teacher. It’s not that difficult to impart what you know; being a student requires a much finer touch. It involves building up knowledge and experience whilst maintaining a willingness to let the known go, and let the ground shift, in order to gain a new understanding. Yoga knowledge progresses in the same way as our knowledge of the cosmos. When we are very young we look up at the clear night sky and learn that the sky is full of tiny stars. This knowledge is valid. Later we learn that the stars are actually very distant and each one is like our own sun. Then we learn that many stars dwarf our sun and that some are themselves whole galaxies of stars. And on it goes. It’s not that we were wrong, it’s that our perspective changes as our knowledge is refined. Sometimes we have to discard part of what we thought we knew. This is the art of learning that yoga can teach us.